Our Story

Historic Medley District, Inc. was founded in 1974 by 27 Montgomery County residents concerned about the neglect and disappearance of historic buildings and landmarks in the area formerly known as the voting district, “Medley District of Montgomery County, Maryland”.

The purpose of HMD, Inc. is the conservation of buildings, structures, objects and spaces that contribute to the historic character of the area; the development and implementation of plans for preserving and using these resources; promotion of research and education in area history and its contribution to Montgomery County; and encouragement of citizen participation in these activities.

HMD works in cooperation with local civic and preservation organizations such as Sugarloaf Citizens Association, Montgomery Countryside Alliance, FARM (For A Rural Montgomery), the Maryland Environmental Trust,  Sugarloaf Regional Trails, Montgomery Preservation, Inc., Montgomery County Historical Society, and Maryland Historical Trust in these endeavors.

Currently, we are working with Heritage Montgomery to establish heritage tourism in the Medley District.

Since its beginnings in 1974, Historic Medley has saved numerous historic buildings, some with hands-on restoration by hardworking volunteers, some by testifying before various governmental groups, and some by providing advice and expertise to the owners.

HMD’s work is ongoing.  Currently, the organization of about 150 members, operates three working museums, three gift shops, and restoration projects.  At the same time, HMD teaches local history to more than 2,500 schoolchildren from the metropolitan Washington area each year, offers lectures and study trips to members and friends, provides consulting services to governmental and citizen groups and to private citizens, and actively solicits support from local, county and state officials for preservation of historic structures and open spaces.

The recipient of numerous grants and the prestigious “Montgomery Prize” in 1996, HMD is a frequent focus of print and film media interest.  HMD’s outreach to government officials and local citizens is maintained through testimony, correspondence, and an active speaking program and exhibition effort.