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Country School Boy by B. P. Shipe
Price: $4 (+ $3 s&h)

Adventure in a one-room School house at Seneca, Maryland in 1876. Illustrated by C. S. Watson. 82 pages.

Monocacy Aqueduct by R. J. Kapsch, Ph.D.
Price: $10 (+ $3 s&h)

Monocacy Aqueduct On the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal by R. J. & E. P. Kapsch. Published by Medley Press in association with Center for Historical Engineering Architecture Research. Illustrated.

25th Anniversary Agricultural Reserve Map
Price: $12 (see s&h charges below)

Montgomery County Agricultural Reserve Map (a shipping & handling charge of $4.50 will be added to orders of less than 3 and $9.75 for more than 3))